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   Dear Ladies and Gentlemen our potential suppliers and purchasers,

We apologize for our e-shop still not available as a major version in English or other languages but in Russian.

So far, all the information on our company, products, retailers and ordering procedure is in Russian only.

To make a purchase, please contact us:

We will provide you additional information on the product and ordering procedure both in Russian and in English.

Currency estimated rate:

RUB  (₽) 79 = USD 1

RUB  (₽) 89 = EUR 1

Please update the rate when paying.

If you are an importer or wholesale supplier of sporting goods or musical instruments and would like to offer us cooperation, please contact us:

Let us briefly introduce our company Medved-Sport (Bear-Sport):

Medved-Sport was founded on 16.12.2003.

We specialize in sports goods retailing supplying at the same time the products for sports teams, fitness-clubs and children’s sports schools.

The company is represented by an online store, nine sporting goods stores and ONE musical instrument store in the south of Russia.

We offer the following range of products:

·         Sports nutrition;

·         Equipment for Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, Aikido, taekwondo, MMA, Greco-Roman wrestling, Wushu and self-defense without weapons;

·         Sports equipment and equipment for bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, weightlifting, kettlebell lifting and arm wrestling;

·         Sportswear and shoes;

·         Free weights: hand weights, barbells, dumbbells, etc.

·         Home and professional exercise equipment;

·         Equipment and equipment for team sports: football, basketball, volleyball, handball.

In 2020, our company opened two retail stores selling musical instruments and accessories, sound equipment, components and consumables and materials.

Our product range:
Guitars and guitar equipment
Keyboard instruments
Microphones, headphones
Audio equipment
Bowed instruments
Wind instruments
Percussion instruments
Folk instruments
Our products are manufactured in Russia or imported into the country by official distributors, have the necessary certificates and are provided with warranty service.
To make a purchase, please contact us:

The registered office is located at:

Sokolova Prospekt, 85/2,

Rostov-Don, 344000,


Bear and Music (Medved and Pripev)


Nikolay Nekrasov, Director of the company.